Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Rock and Republic Cosmetics sale- get eyeshadows for less than $6

Dear fellow makeup junkies:

I know you have probably done all your shopping and don't need any makeup anyways BUT this is an AWESOME DEAL!!!! Trust me on this one. Rock and Republic- famous for their jeans also make lovely, finely milled and highly pigmented makeup. And now, you can get a $40 blush for $7.95! How??? Well, accept a referral from me, a friend, or I suppose, from yourself, buy at least $75 worth of cosmetics and get 50% off plus $25 off and $0.99 cent shipping. WHat??? Okay, I know that sounded confusing- I explain some more below:

When you shop per a referral email, you automatically get $25 off your purchase of $75 or more. You must go the website via the referral email and sign up..the $25 credit is automatically added to your cart. To get a referral, you simply go to the website and open an account with Rock and Republic then e-mail yourself a referral. Or you can e-mail me and I can just send you a referral: nanvue97@gmail.com That way, you're not opening up two accounts. Plus, if you buy via my referral, I get $25 credit too! Awesome huh?

i.e. you shop cosmetics--blushes are $40 a piece (order 2 to be at $80) or
buy eyeshadows at $28 (order 3 to be at $84) the goal is to be over


in the promo code box, enter "ROCKCOSMETICS" which will save you an additional 50%!

s&h is only 99cents

Items I would recommend:
ANY blush or
Fatalistic - gorgeous, smooth, black
Lost - bit of sparkle medium-dark cooler brown
Sabotage - very much like the lighter side of NARS Rajasthan, but more golden
Fiend - very pretty dark peacock type of blue

I got 2 blushes for only $15.99!!! That's $7.95 per blush for a blush that is normally $40 a piece.
($80 - 50% =$40 -$25 referral credit= $15)

Let me know if you want me to refer you for that $25 credit. Just e-mail me at: nanvue97@gmail.com

I just got my blushes and they are amazing- lovely packaging and lots of product! Enjoy and be sure to let me know what you get!

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