Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Personal Makeup Stash

I love seeing how people store their personal makeup- I don't quite yet have a system but here's what it looks like on a daily basis (translation- when I am messy and lazy and don't clean up). My blushes, eyeliners and pallettes are in top drawer and all my MAC paint pots are in my glass vanity. My brush belt is usually more full but some have been transferred to my travel brush case since I am heading out of town soon. Just a snap shot of my usual makeup space. I definitely need a whole powder room. One day...

Cool storage for pigments

I stopped by Dollar Store in Middleton last weekend and discovered these awesome little containers in their craft section. The containers would be perfect for pigments and other non-liquids. Here's a photo of the container in contrast to a full size MAC pigments product. You get 8 in a pack for $1.00! I also stocked up on $1 eyelashes. They work alright and for a dollar, I don't mind tossing them after one use. I also bought some LA Colors mineral eyeshadow to try out- colors were limited but they are actually really pigmented and you get a lot for the price.

Stila Haul

Whoa- blogging is tough- it's tough getting on here often to post but my goal is at least twice a week if not more. Especially now that I know I've got some regular followers. As promised, here is my Stila haul. As you can see, I went crazy on the smudge pots. Questions on products featured? Just ask.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've recently discovered this awesome blog: http://makeupalley.com/ It's a website that provides product reviews and allows its users to post photos of their makeup. The best part is that it allows its users to swap makeup! I usually swap for things like makeup brushes, eyeshadows and blushes. These are items that I think are easiest to sanitize. I sanitize brushes by washing them with baby shampoo then spraying them with alcohol when dry. To sanitize eyeshadows and blushes, I spray with alcohol and let dry. The alcohol helps to kill the bacteria on the outside so it's important to spray after each use. I suppose you could sanitize lipstick in the same way but I am just wary of items that have touched lips. Mascara is also something I do not swap for since it's impossible to sanitize once used.

Anyways, I've included a photo of some things I've received in my swaps. For the MAC eyeshadow palette, I swapped with a girl in Chesapeake, VA with my NYX cream blushes in Red Cheeks and Hot Pink. The Red Cheeks was brand new but the Hot Pink had been used twice with my Sonia Kashuk brush. For the Du Wop blue eyeshadow palette, I swapped with a girl from Fresno, CA with my NYX pinky shimmer powder, NYX cream blush in Diva and NYX cream blush in Hot Pink. And for the Laura Geller double ended face and eye brush, I swapped with a girl from Gate City, VA for my Too faced Mi Amore Blush. I've swapped with people all over the U.S. I haven't swapped internationally due to costs but would if it were a multiple swap for items I can't get here. I am awaiting a few more swaps and will post on them later- I am super exited for my upcoming Japonesque brush and MAC 226 angled brush.

Most swaps come with little extras. I always include a pack of my handcrafted cards with my swaps. It's a pretty fun way to get rid of your old or unused makeup for things you've wanted to try out. Postage averages $1.90 per swap. Let me know if you try swapping and what goodies you are getting!

I've also included some photos of me with the eyeshadow from my newly swapped MAC Take Wing's 4 eyeshadow palette. I also used some new Stila stuff I got from the awesome Stila warehouse sale. I will post on my haul from that soon. I bought so much good stuff for uber cheap. Yah for Stila- I so love my smudge pots.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Weekly Deal

ELF: http://www.eyeslipsface.com
50% off all makeup brushes-
Enter code: EGBRUHALF at checkout
Expires August 16, 2010. Order $25 or more.

I love ELF studio line brushes. I use their flat top powder brush to apply pressed powder. I spray brush first with MAC fix spray then tap into my powder then buff my face with brush. Works so well for smooth application of powder. I noticed this brush is out of stock right now though. I also love the eyeshadow "c" brush- I use this to create the outer "v" with my eyeshadow and make a smoky look. To create the smokey eye, apply the brush tip on the outward corner of the eye by pressing the color in a C shape from the lash line up, flip the C on the right eye so it creates an outward curve. Blend color inward for definition. My next favorite brush is the small smudge brush. After applying eyeliner, I dip this brush into eyeshadow to set the eyeliner- it is so great for smudging eyeliner too. And each of these brushes cost originally $3 each so at 50% off, you get a great deal. You can try all studio line brushes by buying the 11 piece brush set for $15 (this is half off from $30). 10 brushes come in really cool and practical zip-up makeup case. If you want to see these brushes in person first, Target does carry ELF studio line brushes. They are $3 each at Target so you can buy it there too. Enjoy!

Friday, August 6, 2010

Weekly Beauty Deals

STILA WAREHOUSE SALE- Up to 75% Off Online

This is one of the best beauty deals you'll find. Stila is having a huge sale on vintage and discounted makeup. They have the best creamliner I have used- it's called their "Smudge Pots." I stocked up on the Barbie Loves Stila shimmer infused Smudge Pots: multi-tasking gel formula that can be used as a liner and a shadow that stays on all day. Promotional discounts can't be combined with these great deals but there is automatic FREE shipping with $50 or more purchase.

Tarte Cosmetics is having their Friends & Family Sale! I love their cheek stains- especially the one in "Flush."
Use code "FFAUG" to take 40% off sitewide: http://tartecosmetics.com
Promo ends 8/9/10.

Is having a 25% off everything on their website sale. This site carries lots of great cosmetic brands like Smashbox, Lola, Bliss and Too Faced. Use code: AUG25OFF. The sale ends Saturday, August 7, 2010 at 12 p.m.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Look of the Week- Flushed Cheeks

Summer is a great time to go for this look because most people don't wear a ton of makeup in the summer. Cream blushes should be applied after foundation but before setting powder. First, brighten skin all over with a slightly shimmery foundation—you can make it yourself by adding a few drops of liquid bronzer to your normal base. Then rub rosy cream blush on the apples of your cheeks and blend it back along your cheekbones using a few fingers—the heat of that skin-on-skin contact will cause the blush to melt beautifully. You can also try stippling on cream blush with a brush- my all-time favorite is Sonia Kashuk's Synthetic Flat Blusher Brush (see photo. Using this brush, I have been able to apply blush even after I apply foundation and setting powder. This brush can be purchased at Target for around $14.99. I prefer NARS or NYX cream blushes but Maybelline's mousse blushes are great too. Have fun and don't forget to try it and send me a photo.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Makeover with Pang and Robin

I did this makeup session a week ago on Robin and Pang. I applied M.A.C. foundation on both and blended 15 and 20 to achieve Robin's shade (on right). I also tried for the first time MAC's prime and prep setting powder. I really liked the powder. I applied it by using a kabuki brush and pressing it onto the skin. A little goes a long way- I think if I used anymore, it would have given their faces a filmy, white sheen. It was fun to give them this day look before we headed to the mall.