Wednesday, August 18, 2010


I've recently discovered this awesome blog: It's a website that provides product reviews and allows its users to post photos of their makeup. The best part is that it allows its users to swap makeup! I usually swap for things like makeup brushes, eyeshadows and blushes. These are items that I think are easiest to sanitize. I sanitize brushes by washing them with baby shampoo then spraying them with alcohol when dry. To sanitize eyeshadows and blushes, I spray with alcohol and let dry. The alcohol helps to kill the bacteria on the outside so it's important to spray after each use. I suppose you could sanitize lipstick in the same way but I am just wary of items that have touched lips. Mascara is also something I do not swap for since it's impossible to sanitize once used.

Anyways, I've included a photo of some things I've received in my swaps. For the MAC eyeshadow palette, I swapped with a girl in Chesapeake, VA with my NYX cream blushes in Red Cheeks and Hot Pink. The Red Cheeks was brand new but the Hot Pink had been used twice with my Sonia Kashuk brush. For the Du Wop blue eyeshadow palette, I swapped with a girl from Fresno, CA with my NYX pinky shimmer powder, NYX cream blush in Diva and NYX cream blush in Hot Pink. And for the Laura Geller double ended face and eye brush, I swapped with a girl from Gate City, VA for my Too faced Mi Amore Blush. I've swapped with people all over the U.S. I haven't swapped internationally due to costs but would if it were a multiple swap for items I can't get here. I am awaiting a few more swaps and will post on them later- I am super exited for my upcoming Japonesque brush and MAC 226 angled brush.

Most swaps come with little extras. I always include a pack of my handcrafted cards with my swaps. It's a pretty fun way to get rid of your old or unused makeup for things you've wanted to try out. Postage averages $1.90 per swap. Let me know if you try swapping and what goodies you are getting!

I've also included some photos of me with the eyeshadow from my newly swapped MAC Take Wing's 4 eyeshadow palette. I also used some new Stila stuff I got from the awesome Stila warehouse sale. I will post on my haul from that soon. I bought so much good stuff for uber cheap. Yah for Stila- I so love my smudge pots.

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Padeecakes said...

Totally regret not buying from stila--ugh! But they only had blue and purple smudgepots left and i really didn't need those colors. Oh well. I probably could have swapped them huh? Dangit! Well I'm loving the UD haul--I'll post pics of that and my illamasqua haul soon. P.s. Can't wait to see your Stila haul!