Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Stila Haul

Whoa- blogging is tough- it's tough getting on here often to post but my goal is at least twice a week if not more. Especially now that I know I've got some regular followers. As promised, here is my Stila haul. As you can see, I went crazy on the smudge pots. Questions on products featured? Just ask.


· . · robin · . · said...

You got some good stuff there lady. I especially like that we have the same eyeshadow palette now :) And the color pot things are really cool. I love when you use them to pop the eyeliner!

Nancy Vue said...

@ Robin- i know, i love the eyeshadow palette. I don't normally use pastel colors but these colors are really amazing. they come on much more pretty than I expected.

Padeecakes said...

so jealous! wished there were more smudge pots when i got on there. i'll have to for sure grab some goodies the next time they have a big sale.