Friday, August 12, 2011

Travel Makeup

Wow, this summer has been awesome. I just got back from a super fun vacation in Toronto. Here's a pic of the travel makeup I brought and me on my first night out on the town. I was super impressed that Toronto's Walgreen's equivalent (Shopper's Drug Mart) all carried department store makeup brands like Lancome, Benefit, and Clinique in Beauty Boutiques. Such a convenience but makeup in Canada is expensive. I was so tempted to buy brands not found in the USA like GOSH and QUO. Their QUO makeup brushes (think Ecotools) were on sale for 40% off but I was very good- I bought no new makeup in Toronto. I love wearing fake eyelashes and colorful eye shadows. But all that seemed a little overboard in Toronto. Makeup trends there seemed very natural and minimalistic. Based on my recent travel, I decided to discuss a bit here what I think are the essentials for traveling light but with enough to look your best while on vacay.

I definitely recommend moisterizer with SPF and primer so if in hot spots, your makeup does not melt off. Remember to transfer these two products to airplane acceptable-sized containers that you can get at Walmart or Sallys. For makeup, I recommend products that help to keep your makeup stay long lasting so you don't have to carry with you and touch-up when traveling about. For foundation/coverage, I recommend a foundation stick (not liquid) or creme foundation. I brought my Loreal creme foundation. I also recommend compact powder to help set foundation. Then, apply cream blush and set with powder blush then top off with dab of cream blush again. This will help really keep the color on your face. You can also dab the cream blush on lips. Then, all you need is a bit of eye primer and some natural shades of taupe/browns on the lids. My Urban Decay Naked Palette was totally fitting and served me well. Top off with waterproof mascara and fill in eyebrows. For evening glamour while on vacay, bring some fancy fake lashes and you're good. The most important thing is to bring makeup that is non-liquid and makeup that serves multiple purposes so you don't have to carry around so much. We went for five nights and I brought only one carry on and one personal bag. I am a super girly-girl and if I can do it, anyone can. What are your essentials for summer traveling?

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