Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Q and A- Preventing Raccoon Eyes.

Q: I always get raccoon eyes and was wondering what would help?

A: Raccoon eyes is usually when eyeliner transfers to the top or bottom of eyes. It transfers because eyeliners are cream based and the oil slips off the eyes. Raccoon eyes also come about when eyeshadow falls off the lids and starts to flake all over the eye. I definitely think eye primers help with preventing raccoon eyes from eyeshadow. Primers like Urban Decay's primer potions or Too-Faced Shadow Insurance or Laura Geller Eye Spackles are great. Primers help create a smooth base on your eyelid and acts like a glue to help eyeshadows stick on eyelids.

To prevent eyeliner from transferring, line eyes, then pat a similarly colored eyeshadow on top of just the eyeliner to help the liner stay put. I have also found gel cream liners to stay put better than pencil liners- my favorite is Clinique gel liner in true black. Bobbie Brown cream liners and MAC's fluid line are also good. More affordable dupes are ELF's cream liners or Loreal hip cream liners.

Let me know what other methods you use for preventing raccoon eyes.

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Inner Vue Makeup Artistry said...

Sonia Kashuk at Target also makes a cream liner but I don't like this one so much. Pretty dry and drags too much.