Monday, November 1, 2010

Wet N' Wild Haul

Along with cheap lip-liners from my local mall in Sacramento (that being Florin Mall) during my high school days, I have fond memories of the Wet N' Wild makeup line. Back in the days, it was all about brown lipsticks and black eyeliners- cheap and intense for serious high school dances. Well, Wet N' Wild has come out with some new products and I picked up a bunch today at Walgreens because they were 50% off. Everything shown here only cost me about $50. Now, I already love the eye shadows- the six color palette in Vanity being my favorite so far.

Here is my test: Every Monday is date night. Tonight, we went to see "Hereafter." A real tear-jerker directed by one of my favorite directors- Clint Eastwood. A very lovely film- I highly recommend it. Made me think about my dad and where he is now. It's a film that focuses on the lives of three individuals who deal with death in different ways: George (Matt Damon) is a blue-collar American who plays a "psychic." Marie (Cecile De France), a French journalist, has a near-death experience when she is caught in tsunami. And Marcus, a London schoolboy, who loses the person closest to him. I cried tons to say the least. But more importantly, how did my Wet N' Wild eyeliner hold up? Well, the photo of me at the top is me at 11:30 p.m., getting ready for bed. No touch-up after crying at the movies. Eye-liner is still intact- and this is NOT even the waterproof liner either.

Also, the lipstick I am wearing is to die for- I wore 901BP (very pinky shade) with lip shimmer in 102P. It turned out very "cute-Barbie" without being too gaudy the way some pink lipsticks turn out. Anywhoooo- as I was saying, even after I cried at this movie, the liner stayed put. This is a good sign. So I recommend you pick up one of the lovely colors and try it for yourself.

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· . · robin · . · said...

WOW! Who knew WnW had such a makeup selection. My favorite part is the cheek color - not sure if it's WnW too, but it is really cute on you :o)