Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My Favorite Red Lipsticks

I grew up wearing deep burgundy lipsticks (ls). Those were the days of dark outlined lips and almost black red shades. I've since expanded my lipstick shades and especially love reds/oranges. I find those are actually the easiest colors to wear because I only wear it when I do barely nothing else to the rest of my face makeup. That's because red lipstick is so bold that neutral eyes and cheeks are most complimentary. Here are pics of my entire makeup/gloss stash and favorite reds/oranges. I keep my favorite shades in the upper right corner of my ls box for easy access. I also swatched the colors on the inside of my arm. I am NC30 in MAC for a point of skin tone reference. Also posted is a pic of me wearing Hotta Hotta orange ls by Paula Dorf- my current favorite bright shade. Try wearing a bright color if you usually go for that nude ls!

(Lipstick Colors from left to right)
Loreal Endless in 300: Crimson Joy (creamy, very pigmented, deep red burgundy color)
Rimmel Moisture Renew in 880: Rose Passion (light red, sheer color)
Paula Dorf: Holiday (warm red, somewhat sheer color)
Rimmel Lasting Finish Lipstick in 166: Temptation (true red, very pigmented and silky color)
Wet n Wild in 911D (true red, matte color)
Loreal Color Riche in 420: Mango Monarch (dark red-orange in sheer finish)
Loreal Endless in 730: Saucy Sangria (dark blood red color, full coverage, beautiful matte finish- my favorite red)
Revlon Colorburst in 080: Coral (light orange color, sheer finish)
Paula Dorf: Hotta Hotta (true orange color, deep pigmented, very powerful color- my favorite orange)


Pang said...

My fav. red lipstick is from the MAC's Dame Edna line Kanga Rouge. I want to get my hands on Russian Red though, heard its a very good red.

Inner Vue Makeup Artistry said...

@pang- ooh, I'm definitely gonna sample kanji rouge now. Yer just got brave red and that one is pretty too- very wearable for day.