Monday, January 31, 2011


I have always been a night owl so I tend to stay up late watching youtube videos, reading, or just handcrafting cards. I feel like I get a lot more done at night but man, oh man, I have horrible undereye bags. I get the dark, purple kind of bags- ugh! I currently use the Laura Mercier secret camouflouge concealer in SC2 and I love it. It works great on zits and dark spots but a little too thick for the under eye area. Since it is way to heavy for the undereye area, I am trying new concealers for that sensitive area. Recently, I picked up a concealer from Neutrogena. It sort of reminds me of Laura Mercier's Undercover Pot because it has that translucent setting powder also. LM's concealer is $34 while Neutrogena retails for around $10-$15. In the photos, I put Neutrogena's concealer on the left side of my face- including the undereye and on my sun spots as well as on my chin and side of nose. I think you can definitely see the difference. I also post close up photos of the right and left side of my face. Believe it or not, I have sun spots on both sides of my face on the upper cheek area. And both photos were taking in the same light with same flash option.

Here's a close up of my eyes. The left eye has concealer. I think the concealer makes my left eye look smaller. It looks funny but once I apply eyeshadows, I can play with colors to make my eyes look bigger. I also like how I can see a difference in how the concealer covers up darkness under my eyes. I feel this concealer goes on very smoothly and leaves little creasing.

Here's me with concealer on left side and naked face on right side of face. I think here you can see more clearly how concealer makes my left eye seem smaller. I did apply the concealer under the eye and on top of my eyelid area.

Right side of face (no concealer)

Left side of face (concealer applied)

Neutrogena Mineral Sheers Concealer Kit with SPF 20 in shade Buff (9). Laura Mercier brushes.

So do you see a difference with the concealer? What concealer do you use for the undereye area?


· . · robin · . · said...

Nice! Does it feel thick or heavy?

Minna said...

i usually use cle de peau, which is pretty thick, but i haven't used it lately because my dior press powder actually covers my undereye nicely.

oh, and i have to tell you that i went & got eyelash extensions 2 weeks ago. i LOVE it. it cut my makeup time in half since i don't need to put on a lot of eye makeup.

Inner Vue Makeup Artistry said...

@robin- it does not feel think or heavy at all- very creamy consistency. But you have to try my new Lorac one- the roller ball thing is so cool.
@Minna- I've heard such good things about Cle de Peau- will have to save up $80 and find a Neiman to buy one. Oooh- eyelash extensions? Can't wait to see them on you- send me a pic to post!