Friday, February 11, 2011

Makeup in 10 minutes!??!

BEFORE- my naked face. Soooo scary!

AFTER- my ten minute face. What I normally do for work.

Okay, so I have to admit...doing makeup in the morning is my addiction. Makeup is to my morning like coffee, cereal and reading the paper is to other people's morning. When I have the luxury of time, I will spend more time on foundation and powder as well as building a contoured eye and face. But as I am also super lazy most mornings and hesitant to wake up until I absolutely need to, I end up condensing my makeup to about ten minutes and applying most products with my fingers instead of brushes. So here is my morning routine condensed to ten minutes for your reading pleasure. It works and trust me, this actually takes me about eight minutes so it's do-able! It looks scary and the list is long but this can be done in ten minutes.

1. Start with clean face.
2. Spritz on MAC fix spray.
*Apply moisterizer if face is very dry.
3. Using hands, massage a tinted moisterizer onto your face.
*This will not give you as much coverage as foundation but it will give your face color and some glow quickly and will demand less blending time.
4. Apply brightening eye concealer to under eye area
5. Dot, pat and blend concealer to problem blemishes, pimples on face with finger
6. Apply bronzer with brush to temples, top of forehead and jawline - may also apply cream bronzer with fingers for quicker application
7. Using fingers or flat top stipple brush, apply cream blush to apple of cheeks
8. Using fingers, apply cream eyeshadow to eyelid and lightly blend upwards into crease
*I use MAC paint pot because I find it will crease less than other eyecream brands. If you tend to have super oily lids, apply primer before any eyecolor- cream or shadow.
9. Curl lashes
*While curling lashes, I place my mascara under my armpits to warm up mascara
10. Swipe two coats of mascara to lashes- top and bottom
12. Top off with lipstick and gloss
*If you've got time, quickly highlight cheekbones, area right under eyebrow, and cupid's bow with highlighting cream or frosty white powder.

The steps I have skipped with this routine is primer, eyeliner, contouring, using thicker foundation and setting with powder and most importantly, using eyeshadows to create a contoured eye. Usually, I will use 3+ eyeshadows when I have time.

Photo (from Left to right respectively): Stila tinted moisterizer, Benefit Brow Zings and Cargo angled eyeliner brush, Lorac Concealer and Highlighter stick, MAC bronzer, NYX cream blush, MAC paint pot, Shu Uemera eyelash curler, Lancome mascara, Smashbox highlighting quad and Paula Dorf lipstick.

Let me know what you do to quickly complete your look in the morning. I am always looking for new tips! Have fun.

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