Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Cute nails by Hanh

Hong's sister-in-law Hanh works in a nail salon in Oakland and she is amazing. I'm the kind of person that rarely get manicures because I have no nails. I always cut them short because I feel they get in the way, especially when I craft and do makeup. She was able to do this uber cute design on my very short nails. She painted my nails a dark brown then added red flowers with heart shaped petals. She then added gold leaves and on top of it all, she put some gold sparkles. Super pretty! I was so excited and was showing them to all of Hong's brothers and his dad. Here are pics of the nails and me with Hanh and her daughter Hannah. BTW- do you see that room in the back there- with the futon? Well, that's where we sleep when we visit Hong's parents. This is also known as the alter room because his parents have a alter set up in there to honor his grandparents. There is also a treadmill in there in front of the futon that you can't see. I love it! Wouldn't have it any other way:)

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