Tuesday, March 29, 2011

New Favorite Lashes

I just got back from vacation in California. While in CA, I really wanted to visit this bookbindery in Berkeley that I kept seeing. It's basically a shop that restores old books and also puts together dissertations from local PhD students. It's a teeny shop but I managed to buy a really cool looking awl- it's a tool that punches holes in paper so you can sew the pages together. Anyways, I realized I could not bring the awl on the airplane anyways so it's sitting in Hong's parents house. Hong and I also took a stroll on Telegraph Avenue where I discovered Daiso- a japanese store that sells everything for $1.50. Oh, this place is heaven- so many cute kitchen gadgets, storage containers, and best of all- origami paper and false eyelashes. I bought so much origami paper- 60 sheets for $1.50. I also stocked up on false eyelashes. After trying out the lashes, I loved them so much, I returned to the store to get some more for all my friends. Here are photos of the lashes and me with them on.

These lashes come two in a pack for $1.50! They are synthetic and really sturdy.

Here's me with lashes on the right eye and no lashes on the left eye.

Close up of lashes.

Final look!

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