Sunday, October 31, 2010

Scariest Zombie nightmare EVER!

I have to say, I look pretty darn gross for a zombie. I had to warn my friends as they arrived for my Halloween party so they would not be scared out of their skins. I actually had no costume makeup so I ended up creating colors by taking an unused foundation and mixing in powder shavings from unused eyeshadows. Thankfully, I had a true red eyeshadow to make the bloody color. I applied the makeup by using a loofah-like bath sponge. This mixing thing worked great since I didn't have to worry about sticky, waxy costume makeup on my face all night.

The thrift store I went to had no wedding dresses so I ended up buying this awesome blue dress and being a Prom Zombie. I made the sash by going to Joanne's Craft and Fabric Store and picking up a spool of wide white ribbon. At first, I wrote the letters on the sash with red marker but it didn't look scary enough so I traced the letters with red lipstick then lightly rubbed lipstick into the ribbon to create a smeared blood look. It turned out great!

The next night, I went more sexy and pretty. My false eyelashes were from Makeup Forever (109 Janet- dense black). They were fun but actually felt heavy- whatta workout for my lids! I worked on all my friend's eye makeup. But best part- they all are wearing MAC's Viva Glam V lipstick! And it looked so different on each of them- thanks Christie for the lippie!

It was fab Halloween. Can't wait for next year. What was your costume? Send me pics to post!


Minna said...

Lol! your zombie pictures made me smile Nancy! thanks.

Inner Vue Makeup Artistry said...

@Minna- Yeah, pretty scary zombie huh? I was even scared to look at myself in the mirror. What's more funny, I posed scary in all my photos that night. Too silly. And the dress was so perfect- it fit me to a tee.

· . · robin · . · said...

Such fun makeup! You should add that you've done makeup for a costume party to your MUA resume :o)