Sunday, October 24, 2010

Winter = Cute Boots

Since I moved to Madison from CA five years ago, my favoritest part of Madison is the winter- truly and honestly! I love the snow. I love the cold flakes of snow on my face. I love getting that cool winter bitten red on my cheeks. But the best part is getting to wear cute boots!

Here are some boots I am eyeing- way over my budget but a girl can dream. On Saturday afternoons, when not prepping for a trial, I babysit a lovely boy named Jack. I even calculated how much babysitting I would need to do to afford the boots. As you can see, I babysit Jack out of love, not for money since by the time I could afford the boots, winter would likely be over.

Left: Giuseppe Zanotti Denim Boxer Boots ($1,295.00 or 36 Saturdays of babysitting)
Right: Tory Burch Dabney Wedge Tall Boots ($495.00 or 14 Saturdays of babysitting)

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