Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Late night makeovers

Haven't been able to sleep lately. So, what do I do? Play with makeup or talk to my sis on the phone about makeup. She's been pressing her own eyeshadow- pretty cool. Seems like a lot of work but she can make her own palletes. She's into mattes so she can press all the matte eyeshadow she wants. She goes to this website: tkbtrading.com to purchase pressing kits and pigments. Anyways, here's some photos of makeup I've done on myself lately. Hopefully I will have more volunteers so you won't have to look at just photos of me.

BTW, I used Rimmel Stay Matte and it didn't stay too well. See it in the photo with yellow eyeshadow- powder was starting to come off on my sweaty forehead. I will post a review note on products soon.

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