Monday, July 26, 2010

Look of the Week- Smoky Eyes

Every Monday, I will post a "Look of the Week." I encourage everyone to try it and send me a photo of your look. Also let me know what products you used to duplicate the look. This week's look is the "Smoky Eye." I love this look. It can be dramatic if you use black eyeshadow or more warm and subtle if you go with browns. It's a look that involves lots of blending and smudging of the eye makeup. Having good eye makeup brushes is crucial. Here's the look and some tips. Have fun! And remember to send me a photo so I can post it on the blog for others to enjoy.

Smoky Eyes Instructions:

Since this look requires lots of blending, don't use too much eyeshadow primer because then eyeshadow is harder to blend. A thin layer of your favorite eyeshadow primer will be sufficient. Use a black eyeliner pencil to line your upper and lower lashes. Try to get close to the lash. Try lining the eye by making little dots along the lashlines rather than using a straight lining motion. Using an angled brush, dip into some black eyeshadow and go over eyeliner with eyeshadow. You should start smudging the eye makeup- you can smudge by using your finger, cotton swab or smudge brush (the kind with a sort of dome-shape- see photo of Sephora brand smudge brush- $15). Then sweep shimmery gray shadow over the upper lids and blend it up beyond the crease (the more tangled it is with the black, the better). Finish with mascara and you're perfect! For more drama, you can take angled brush and dip into a purple or blue eyeshadow. Then sweep a little bit along lower lashline, right below the black eyeliner and blend slightly.


Padee said...

smoky eyes are hard for me to wear. they make my eyes look smaller than they are. blah. anyways--you like how i got you another follower? lol--talked to cindy for a while the other nite and told her about your site. now she's following you too. yay for building an audience!!!

Nancy Vue said...

yeah- i saw that- so exited. tell cindy to have her friends follow me, esp. jewels. i need tips from her! when doing your smoky eyes, don't line the entire bottom- only half way and build a crease in upper lid- try it and send me a pic.