Monday, July 19, 2010

Offically a MUA

I worked my first makeup artist session today. It started at 9 a.m. I worked with four models posing for the Harley Davidson Thunder Run Calendar. All the models were posing in bikinis so the look was more sultry and natural. It was tough doing smoky/sultry eyes without doing the same look so I had tons of fun playing with different colors. I did basic black smoky eye, a purple smoky eye and a peach/pink/purple smoky eye. Calendar is out in 3 months so I'll be sure to post pics then. I am working with the photographer the next four Sundays so I have 12 more models to work on . It was a long day but really fun. My skills are definitely getting better.

Here are some more photos of makeup looks. The first photo is the set-up at my makeup session at Harley- I didn't know what to bring and what I would need so I brought almost all my stuff. Hong carried it in for me cause it was kind of heavy. I need to get one of those dolly-things people use for suitcases. I recently bought powders by NYX- their black label makeup powder at the Fragrance Outlet at the Tanger Outlet in Wisconsin Dells, WI for $2 each (normally $25 each) and I love them. They work so well, come on very smoothly and silky. ( I am using the powder to set my foundation and it is amazing- such a good product. I buff it on with my $3 E.L.F. face brush. Seriously, makeup need not be expensive. I do buy quality foundation- currently- I am in love with my Stila and MAC foundations.

If you have questions or seeking advice, just ask in the comments section. I think by now I have tried on enough makeup to give you comparisons. You can also follow my reviews on a really great product review and makeup swapping website. My member name is "hongthetran." Thanks for reading.


· . · robin · . · said...

I love love the bottom look with all the silver/grey/black on the lid. I particularly like how you intensify the darker shade as you pull it up and out from the eye, it totally opens up and lifts your eye making it look extra happy. The lip color here is nice too especially since it is soft against a harder eye.

My favorite though are the colors you used on your face and cheeks. You look tan but totally natural like you just came home from a week on the beach.

You're such an amazing artist, I can't wait to see the photos!!!

Nancy Vue said...

Thanks for the support! Your enthusiasm has really motivated me to be better. I need to do your makeup again so I can get a photo.