Saturday, July 31, 2010

Weekend Makeovers

Here are some before and after shots of two of my girlfriends who volunteered for makeovers this morning. They were such good sports and let me try new colors on them. I used Laura Mercier foundation stick on both of them and it worked great. Glided on without being cakey. Enjoy!


Padeecakes said...

wow, you're really working this mua thing out, eh? you did a good job with the foundation--discoloration is gone! i would play up the eyes more though. it's hard to see the color that you applied--maybe raising the crease color up on their lid might help? idk. it might just be your lighting from the camera. anyways--come follow ME on my blog: AND cindy is gonna be making one too. oh yeah! :)

Inner Vue Makeup Artistry said...

i know- i really need to improve on creating depth on the eyelid and playing with color in the crease. but my lighting is pretty bad too. a friend of mine is trying to help me figure out how to have better lighting.