Sunday, July 25, 2010

Makeover Weekend- Liz and Ly

Two cool girlfriends volunteered for a makeover this weekend. I gave Ly a natural look and Liz a super blue/green ocean look. Doing Ly's eyes were challenging because I am not skilled at emphasizing eyes with a lower fold. Most asians have this epicanthic fold which is a skin fold of the upper eyelid. I was having problems using eyeshadow and preventing eyeshadow and eyeliner from transferring to upper lid and lower eye. So I need to practice on Ly's eyes some more. Anyone have any tips? Liz wanted a haute couture look. I didn't do a crazy, dramatic haute couture look but I gave her more fun colorful look. We're gonna go for more haute couture next time. I included some photos of this look in the top two shots. Betty also came over and played with my makeup. She's next weekend. Thanks ladies for coming over.

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